The Mediclaim Processing Solution is a web-based application, primarily designed to achieve complete automation of the claim management process without compromising on the security of private medical data. The solution offers a wide range of capabilities that allow hospital administrations, insurance providers and companies to easily manage a complete claim process with quick access to updated and accurate customer information to address their inquiries.

Our Solution

We followed a comprehensive approach to develop this mediclaim processing platform using blockchain technology that integrates multiple sources of data, indexes them and provides easy access to all the information related to mediclaim, policyholders/members, hospitals and insurance providers. We combine the best of technology and our expertise to make this platform flexible enough to add benefits and schemes with ease, provide integrated claim management and have inherent agility and flexibility to adjust with the changing marketing conditions. To effectively manage various aspects of mediclaim processing, we’ve built dedicated portals for hospital administrations, insurance providers and companies, each of them can be separately handled by respective authorities for claim management.


Portal for Insurance Providers

This portal is specifically designed for insurance providers to automate all the processes needed to be carried out from their end. Through this portal, insurance providers can manage their member profiles, benefits, schemes and view batches and reports. Detail functionality mentioned below:

  • User Management
  • Members Management
  • Benefits Management
  • Schemes Management
  • Reports Generation
  • Batch Management

Portal for Hospitals

This portal is designed for hospital authorities to check details of all the authenticated policyholders/members, manage bills for members/policyholders authenticated by biometrics and create claim batches.

  • Bill Management
  • Batch Management
  • Reporting

Portal for Company

The main company portal allows companies to maintain the records of hospitals, insurance providers and policyholders, Billings and Batch Management and report generation.

  • Insurance Provider Management
  • Policy Holder Management
  • Report Generation

Admin Configuration :

The system allows admin to Add/Edit/Delete and Manage Users.
Admin can assign different role to users.