Online strata management solution is one of the leading online tools that manage minutes, agendas, finances and records, stored securely in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere 24*7. This online tool is specially designed to support property owners and help them to self-manage their strata schemes. It also includes a Facebook style tool that allows property owners to communicate with neighbours and upload photos of any maintenance issues or social occasions.

So, wherever you are and whenever you need, this online tool manages your financials, allowing proper communication, raise levies, issue your minutes, schedule and conduct meetings, all in a very quick and easy manner.


Activity Dashboard

  • Dashboard : The dashboard show brief of all the activities including upcoming meetings, latest notices and group posts along with photo and other community information.
  • Notice Board : Notice board is used to initiate a discussion on new topic. It allow members to add comments, like, dislike comment and post a reply on any topic.
  • Group Chat : This feature is used to create a group of few members or all members to start a communication among them. It also has an option to make chat private or public.

Meeting Schedular

  • Meetings : This feature makes it easy and quick to organize and manage each and every detail about the meetings. It allow sending email invitations to the members/owners, set an agenda and MOM about the meetings. You can also see the number of invitations accepted, awaited and rejected by the members/owners, manage the attachments of meeting, store PDF of the agenda and MOM with complete detail.
  • Decision Maker : It allow user to submit new proposal to make the decision and invite members to vote on the topic of the proposal. The voting results cam then be viewed in the form of graph.
  • Finance : It helps in keep track of the budget and manage costs - income and expenses. It also has a levy generator which calculates invoices and automatically send emails to the owners.

Venue Management

  • Venue Management : This feature allows residents to book different community spaces like tennis courts, barbecues and meeting rooms.
  • Pinboard : It helps in organizing photo albums and taking care of digital memories.
  • Document : It helps keep all the documents at one place. User can create files, folders or subfolders, as needed to store all the meeting archives, financial, insurance, bank account detail, etc.
  • Links : Allow user to manage important links, phone numbers and other details on single place.

User Configuration

The system allows admin to add, delete and manage users and define the new roles.
The system allows admin to set the credit.